TNTs Wanted

book coverOver the past twenty years, TNTs ™ have had a profound effect at conferences I’ve spoken at around the world. They continue to play an integral part in my Polar Bear Pirates series of books.

I am in the process of completing a new book that I have coming out soon that focuses purely on TNTs ™ and am looking for a selection of real life TNT experiences to include in it.

As a reminder, TNTs ™ (Tiny Noticeable Things) are all the little, unexpected things that we do for others that show them just how much we care. They may be tiny and cost next to nothing but they are highly explosive – they create the biggest, longest lasting pictures in people’s minds, and make a very big difference.

They are the difference between four and five star customer service, the difference between a manager and a leader, and they are the difference between a great team environment to work in and a not so great environment. For example, a handwritten note to say thank you, or perhaps a manager rustling up a surprise breakfast for their team.

If you have a personal TNT story about an individual or a company going that extra mile and really making someone’s day, or maybe a heart warming example of a customer having their socks blown off, and are happy for me to share it in my book, I would love to hear from you!

If used, I will credit you with the story, unless of course you would prefer to remain anonymous, and I will send you a signed free copy of the book.

Thank you.



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