• The feedback I have had from those that attended Adrian’s presentation has been extraordinary - in fact the very best I have had, having run a number of similar events over the last 7 years.

    Leon Marklew - HSBC

  • On feedback from 200 conference delegates, Adrian averaged a score of 5 (on a 1 - 5 scale of poor to excellent). The feedback was phenomenal, not one negative comment.

    Matt Coulson - David LLoyd Leisure

  • Adrian is truly the most motivational speaker I have ever heard.

    Debbie Gibbons - Rushmoor Borough Council

  • We took a long time to choose a guest speaker and in the end chose Adrian, we were not disappointed. Our conference themes focused on teamwork and customer service. Adrian was able to blend his real life work examples, enthusiasm, humour and extracts from his books to deliver three excellent sessions.

    Troy Henshall - First Wessex Housing

  • Adrian was BRILLIANT!

    Heather Graham - Tescos Stores Ltd

  • Adrian was superb. Probably the best end speaker we have ever had.

    Steve Mills - Public Transport Development Manager - London Stansted Airport

  • Adrian was wonderful and I would not hesitate to recommend him to other organisations. One member of staff commented “Whatever you paid him, he was worth every penny!”

    Jane Benstead - Senior HRM Officer - Doncaster College

  • Absolutely brilliant session at our conference yesterday! Hugely inspiring and motivational!

    Matthew Batten – Royal College of Nursing

  • Adrian was brilliant. Made us laugh and cry and laugh till we cried! Thank you!

    Rosemary Conley

  • Thank you so much for coming to our Speech Day. I have been to more Speech Days than I can remember over the years and few speakers have been truly memorable. You were: you connected brilliantly with the whole age range and left us all with really valuable lessons to take away.

    Michael Cuthbertson – Chairman Of Governors - Castle Court School, Corfe Mullen, Dorset

  • Our conference had come at a very difficult time for public sector employees, with an uncertain future and the real threat of big cuts ahead. There was a palpable increase in the energy level as soon as Adrian spoke his first word on stage, and from that point on we were treated to a highly personal and motivating roller-coaster of a speech. Adrian not only inspired our staff, but left us feeling proud to work for the council.

    Thanet District Council

  • Adrian delivers powerful messages in an engaging, creative and hugely impactful way: always great value for money with amazing long term results well after his appearances: consequently he is invited back time after time" Kosta Christofi


  • The best speaker we have had by miles

    Barry Lewis - Airbus

  • Adrian, your performance was outstanding. Congratulations!

    Lukas Gahwiler – Chief Executive Officer – UBS Switzerland (Swiss Economic Forum)

  • Adrian Webster was phenomenal, he made a real impact with the talk he did for us. The feedback our organisation gave, from fork lift truck driver to high level leadership, was great. He was energetic, funny and made every person in the room take a step back and think. A great message delivered from a great speaker.

    Proctor & Gamble

  • To put it mildly, Adrian went down a storm

    Home Office

  • Thanks again for your exceptional performance at the Leadership event. It really did make the day a resounding success. I would have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone who wants to organise an uplifting and inspirational event. There is no doubt that the day would have been considerably less successful were it not for the highly skilled inputs delivered by Adrian Webster. His experience in captivating an audience, holding their attention and driving home key points was invaluable. The high energy he generated was key to removing the veil of cynicism and apathy that can so often affect large organisations, particularly the Police. It enhanced contributions from the floor and seemed to open the minds of all supervisors to a range of issues and new leadership skills.

    Chief Inspector Pete Ayling - Kent Police Leadership Conference

  • Once again our teams are walking two foot taller !!

    Russell Jervis - Managing Director -Spicerhaart

  • Everyone here is still buzzing ever since Adrian spoke at our conference, we are now completely focused on getting those TNTs right and inspired more than ever to continue making a very real difference to the lives of others.

    Meenakshi Sharma - Merlin Housing Society

  • Thank you for energizing my team the way you did this morning. The mix of serious food for thought and humour made a big impact on all of us. The feedback was very positive indeed. Your speech will be remembered as the highlight of our conference. You can quote me on that...

    Jeroen Eijsink - Managing Director - DHL Freight

  • Energy, emotion and some very powerful messages that resonated with the audience and most importantly, could be taken back to the workplace.

    Jobcentre Plus

  • I've booked Adrian for three different events in both a previous life and at MOLLY MAID. Adrian has an original style and infectious energy that will only motivate and charge up your organisation - something we all need in today's economy. We still talk about those TNT's.

    Molly Maid UK

  • Feedback comments about Adrian’s presentation included: “Adrian Webster - phenomenal!” "Great choice of speakers, he really lifted everyone" "Absolutely fantastic - How are you going to match it next year?"

    Environment Agency

  • I wanted to thank you for your outstanding keynote presentation at the recent Fitness Industry Association Conference. Your unique ability to deliver a serious message in an extraordinarily energetic and humorous style inspired and entertained our delegates - most of whom are everyday people who want to make a difference - in a way that few others have achieved over the years. Never have Neg Ferrets, Bloaters, Head Treads, Sinkers and TNTs had a more enthusiastic audience. Everyone needs this stuff.


  • In our business we encourage our franchisees to keep driving forward and succeed whilst maintaining a balanced outlook on life. Adrian's witty and passionate presentation was exactly right for us. I would have no hesitation in recommending him to any business or audience that want to be inspired, moved and exhausted all at the same time. A great speaker, a very funny guy with a very strong message.

    Oscar Pet Foods

  • It’s rare that I stay for the whole after-dinner speech, but I was riveted!

    Photographer at Johnson & Johnson Conference

  • Adrian, I have to say that your presentation was the best I have seen in a very long time. It ended a long day of conference on a huge high.

    Huntingdonshire District Council

  • Adrian, the guys are still talking about you.. thought provoking stuff which we were all able to relate too. Adrian was a huge success. Without exception all of the managers approached us following his presentation to congratulate us on finding a truly inspirational and very entertaining speaker.

    Thomson Airways

  • Adrian's talk instilled the motivation, desire and drive to go out and really push the boundaries. They are still buzzing about it today. He was a huge success. Without exception all of the managers approached us following his presentation to congratulate us on finding a truly inspirational and very entertaining speaker.

    Wessex Water

  • A huge thank you for coming along yesterday! It was a great day - we will certainly be recommending you!!


  • Your session had a major impact on everyone, we’re really grateful for your contribution.

    Jobcentre Plus (Scotland)

  • I’ve had the pleasure of booking Adrian for two separate companies to do some motivational speaking. Adrian is without doubt the best at this type of task. He is very down to earth and connects with the audience mixing up the emotions of comedy and tragedy that keeps everyone engaged and hooked from the moment he starts. The key messages are delivered really well. The feedback from the audience was great and at both occasions has proved to be a real inspirational note to end the day session.

    Yellow Hammer Bars

  • Adrian, I wanted to drop you a note to thank you for the fantastic presentation which you gave yesterday. I know that I speak for many who found it truly inspirational. You had us in one minute both wanting to laugh and cry through a subtle mix of very powerful stories and amusing anecdotes. The messages I took from you about having clear boundaries, TNT’s and engendering fun at work will make a real difference.

    Ecclesiastical Insurance Group PLC

  • Thank you for the excellent motivation session you gave at the closing event of the Unscheduled Care Collaborative Programme. We have now had all the evaluation forms back and collated and wanted to pass on a few of the many comments on how enjoyable, entertaining and of course motivational the delegates found the hour spent with you.


  • We have had extremely positive feedback, Adrian was very inspiring. One participant said she walked away a changed person!


  • Adrian recently attended the Amtico International Joint Sales Conference. We didn’t really know what to expect as he was previously unknown to us, yet, it’s highly unlikely, we’ll ever forget him!! - Adrian definitely exceeded our expectations.

    Amtico International

  • Adrian was brilliant! He set us up so well for what turned out to be a great day.

    Capita Symonds

  • Adrian did a tremendous job at the conference and his contribution was very well received.The intention of the day was to motivate and inspire the staff and he certainly did that!!

    Shropshire County Primary Care Trust

  • Adrian showed us he has an innate ability to captivate his audience. He was able to take us on an 'emotional' roller coaster ride, using energy, humour and insights drawn from personal experience he was a true inspiration to the team - absolutely fabulous!

    Allianz Engineering

  • Feedback I have had from the delegates has been excellent.

    BAE Systems (Operations Limited)

  • Adrian Webster was a highlight of the day and kept me on the edge of my seat and thoroughly entertained, whilst also managing to put across several key messages on being a motivational leader.


  • Adrian’s presentation was so representative of real life, was incredibly uplifting, poignant, humbling and hilarious - we all felt at least 6 inches taller, and the management team was left with the sense that whatever the challenges ahead, we could not be defeated.

    Spire Southampton Hospital

  • Everyone is still talking about your sessions at EEDA and one person who couldn't attend the all staff sessions said: "I have never seen some many people with a 'buzz' about them".

    East Of England Development Agency

  • Adrian, many people have said that it is the best Sales Event they have been to in many years and this is in large part down to you.

    Virgin Media Group

  • Just a quick note of thanks to Adrian for the truly inspirational session he delivered at the SDI conference in Brighton earlier this week. Amazing.

    Wirral Council

  • Adrian took on board Telstra International’s themes and messages by cleverly weaving them in to his ‘performance’. Adrian is clearly a business-savvy presenter, a great public speaker able to make the audience laugh and provoke deep food for thought.

    Telstra International EMEA

  • A really excellent speech which engaged and entertained the audience We definitely ended on a high!

    Best Western Hotels GB

  • I just wanted to tell you that I've run many of these events in the past,and often after a heavy night and the prospect of a half day and an early finish, delegates are often keen to get away. But yesterday most people were milling about for ages wanting to talk more about the conference and to share ideas on what they were going to motivate staff back in the office. Many thanks for your energy, passion and helping make our event a success.

    Royal & Sun Alliance

  • There's no doubting Adrian's ability to motivate individuals and teams. His world of Polar Bear Pirates resonated with every one of the Senior Managers who had the benefit of spending time in Adrian's presence. He filled the room with passion, emotion and energy and succeeded every time to inspire the leaders of our business to go back and make a difference - and the tangible results of that difference are already being seen.


  • I have got back into the office this morning and been met by stream of great emails from the franchisees, they were particularly impressed with you and the characters you talk about. They left the room enthused and ready to take back your simple but powerful messages to their teams back at the coal face.

    Geopost UK

  • On the recommendation of our National Vice President, we booked Adrian Webster for not one but two events; the annual Staff Conference and the members’ National Conference. Our staff found his presentation entertaining, thought provoking and most certainly motivating! It provided a great opening for the business sessions at our three-day conference.

    Federation Of Master Builders

  • Adrian Webster was highly recommended to us as a brilliant speaker. We were very unsure of using him because we’d never heard of him. We went ahead and used him…he was an absolute star.

    Taylor Woodrow Plc

  • We started the year in last place. We took on board the Polar Bear Pirates concept, used it daily to motivate ourselves/the team and to ensure that we stayed focused. By June we were up to second and come year-end, we finished number one. It had a huge impact on our performance."


  • Adrian really is one of the best keynote speakers I have ever heard. He manages to captivate every type of audience right from the moment he starts and always leaves them wanting more. Adrian has a unique ability to have his audience rolling around in laughter one minute to suddenly getting them to hang on to his every word where a pin drop could be heard. The messages Adrian shares will stay with you for life as they are fundamental, full of common sense and yet really make the difference when it comes to bringing out the best in others.


  • The brief for a “motivational speaker” was more than fulfilled as Adrian’s energy, humour and superb insight into the real world of sales had everybody mesmerised and entertained from the moment he walked onto the stage. Life hasn't been quite the same since as we all now aspire to permanently residing in Fat City and living as Polar Bear Pirates!

    Lever Faberge

  • You had me listening to every word and taking in every word you spoke.


  • Adrian came along to our annual National Telesales Managers Conference last Friday, and I am delighted to report that he went down a storm.

    Yell Group

  • I was really blown away by Adrian – what a great guy – like a younger Rick Stein but with a passion for people rather than food!!

    Chair Women In Business Association

  • Adrian was fantastic! A style which I have never seen used so effectively. He had us in hoots but could change within minutes to deliver a very serious message with such feeling and power. Without a doubt the guy had everyone in the room hanging on every word for the full speech. Added to that, he was such enjoyable company.

    BT PLC

  • I just wanted to drop you a line to thank you again for your excellent presentation at the radiography event on Monday. We have taken a quick peek at the delegates' evaluation forms and there are just far too many positive comments for me to forward on.

    South West London Health Authority

  • Adrian exceeded our expectations. The overall consensus is that Adrian came across as a breath of fresh air and it was totally different to any other speech delivered to an IBM audience. I have never attended a meeting at IBM before where people have laughed so much. He definitely made a big impact at IBM and we would welcome him back tomorrow if we had the chance. The only complaints we have had are from people who were unable to see him in action.


  • What really impressed me about Adrian’s presentation was that there were key messages that everyone could take away about how they as individuals could make a difference in their world, irrespective of where they were in our structure.

    Nationwide Building Society

  • Adrian was absolutely fantastic last Friday at our Seminar. It's not easy to win the hearts and minds of a room full of people in the building industry. Many come having already decided they would rather be somewhere else, or that this sort of thing is for office staff only, etc., but Adrian won them over hook, line and sinker! He talks in a language that everybody can relate to. Adrian is highly entertaining but much more, he has the ability to make you think.

    St James Group

  • We have worked with many of the country’s leading keynote speakers over the years and they have all been good, but in many ways Adrian surpassed them all.

    Bodylife UK Ltd

  • Adrian’s speech really lifted the day: it created impact, raised energy levels materially, while giving our team much of value to reflect on. Everyone left at the end of the day in an upbeat and positive “can do” frame of mind.


  • We booked Adrian Webster although we had only seen the video clip of his performance and possible content. He was an excellent speaker. His enthusiasm and wit were a breath of fresh air and his inspirational and poignant messages made a huge impact. Thoroughly entertaining and thought provoking, Adrian left a lasting impression with our 600 strong audience with his powerful messages that could be related to our workplace.

    Brook Street

  • Stunning, funny, interesting and relevant. I cannot say much more.

    SSL International

  • Adrian listened to our requirements , understood our remit and delivered an impeccable presentation. The audience were spell - bound and would have listened all day. Fantastic!

    McCarthy & Stone

  • Adrian, You were superb. The feedback was very positive and many were inspired by your speech as well as royally entertained.


  • There is so much good stuff to take on board. I remember having tears in my eyes three years ago when you first talked to Thomas Sanderson and this time it was a case of even more tears.

    Thomas Sanderson

  • What a performer! Adrian provided the closing keynote presentation onboard the recent IT Director's Forum. His boundless energy and powerful use of humour and emotion kept the audience highly entertained and wanting more. I would thoroughly recommend Adrian Webster to anyone looking for a truly motivational speaker.

    Richmond Events

  • Adrian was a major hit at the Conference. Everybody was so buoyed up by the speech and full of motivation and vigour - just as I had hoped.


  • Adrian really brought some life and thought inspiring moments to our day and more importantly had us all in stitches.

    Prime Business Solutrions

  • In 17 years of being informed and entertained by a wide variety of speakers, no one has engaged, entertained and motivated a Sales Team more than Adrian Webster. Truly inspirational.

    Wavin Plastics

  • Adrian's presentation was absolutely excellent and motivated the entire room to get down to business later on that day. We have also taken back Adrian's message to the workplace and we are using this to make our firm a first class place to work.

    Anderson Anderson & Brown

  • A brilliant presentation which had all of us engaging every emotion. Last year Kris Akabusi was our 'motivational' speaker and we didn't believe we could top an Olympic Gold medal winner. Well, we don't believe that now. You're an Olympic Champion in your chosen profession.

    Office Friendly Dealer Association

  • Arian Webster really was just fantastic. Although I had booked Adrian and, as such, had done my homework and even read his book, I really had no idea that he would actually be as side-splittingly funny as he was. I now realise that when you book Adrian you get a top notch comedian and a motivational speaker for the price of one! His energy and enthusiasm for his subject were utterly infectious (you get out of breath just watching him!) and his ability to have his audience choking on the brink of tears one second and then crying with laughter the next must surely be second to none.

    Travel & Personal Underwriters Ltd

  • "Adrian's speech was superb, and just what I needed!"

    East Sussex CC

  • Thank you, you were awesome! The guys are still talking about you! The impact was pitched at the right level and was perfect.

    Danwood Group

  • We have had some terrific feedback on your slot which is well earned from our "conservative" teams!

    Network Rail

  • You energy, enthusiasm and humour were infectious -- it was evident so many people were inspired by what you said.

    The Diamond Trading Company

  • I would just like to say that after seeing you at the HDi conference as a conference speaker in April, I had though that seeing you for a second time at the Anchor Dinner that I would switch off, but NO... for a second time, you had me busting my sides with laughter. The way that you can take an audience from tears of laughter and within seconds can you turn the audience to more sombre subjects is an amazing skill you possess.

    Anchor Trust

  • I have never seen my sales team so speechless and enthusiastic about using some of the thoughts and ideas you gave to the team during your presentation.

    Jardine Lloyd Thompson

  • What a phenomenal... lasting impact! Adrian spoke at our EMEA conference in Malta just over three months ago. The effect of his speech has been quite remarkable, our people are still talking about it today

    Tellabs UK Ltd

  • Adrian was one of the best keynote speakers we have had in our 28- year history.

    Car Care Plan

  • Adrian is the greatest on message deliverer that I've ever had the privilege to witness. Through twenty years of producing corporate live events I have never seen such an extraordinarily electric effect on an audience as I did during Adrian's keynote speech. Adrian has taken the subject of motivation and stripped it of its clichés and psycho -babble and placed it in the tough world that people live and work in today. Aching ribs and tear stained note pads were the order of the day.

    Allan Bignell - Conference Producer

  • He gave a superb performance, which exceeded all our expectations. In a matter of minutes Adrian managed to achieve the aim of our sales conference - to motivate and energise our managers into action.

    Courts (UK) Ltd

  • The first day started with an excellent motivation speech from Adrian Webster. When it came time to thank him I was lost for words - a rare occasion I hear you mutter. He was simply brilliant.

    Xplor UK

  • Adrian understood our requirements perfectly and delivered - the feedback received has been fantastic - Monday morning and we have a group of people fired up with enthusiasm.

    HSBC Invoice Finance

  • Thank you for making our event so successful - we had some really good feedback, and our clients all went away with happy faces! Everyone found something to relate to in Adrian's talk whether from a work or home situation. Thanks once again for a great performance, I also wish I had half Adrian's energy!!

    Business Link Wessex

  • Adrian is the most wonderfully original presenter/motivator/enter-trainer I have ever encountered.

    Lorri Delahunty - Conference Producer

  • I would like to thank Adrian for such an entertaining and informative performance. Every evaluation survey returned has marked Adrian as Excellent... the best of any speaker we have had previously.

    Manchester Chamber Business Enterprises

  • I've been lucky enough to see a lot of motivational speakers over the years, but Adrian must be up there with the best. It's rare for a speaker to be able to take you from 'belly aching laughter' to 'shivers up the spine' within such a short period of time. A rare skill.

    Anglia Cooperative Society

  • Your talk last week was superb and absolutely hit the mark. You picked up on all the key points of the conference, you obviously listened to and read the briefing notes and all I can say is you were a superstar.

    Compass Group

  • The feedback I have received has been excellent and it ranges from "fantastic" to "outstanding speaker" and "can he please be invited back again".

    Hyde Group

  • Thank you for a hilarious and fun packed hour at our National Sales Meeting in Warwick. There were moments when I literally had tears streaming down my face. The feedback from the guys was "that was as good as it gets".

    Thomas Sanderson

  • I have never seen my sales team so speechless and enthusiastic about using some of the thoughts and ideas you gave to the team during your presentation.

    Jardine Lloyd Thompson

  • Adrian was excellent and it has been said that he is the best speaker we have ever had at a BAR conference.

    British Association of Removers

  • The biggest compliment I can pay is that even 'off - duty' technicians were transfixed, which certainly doesn't happen too often.

    Simon Edwardes - Conference Producer