Speech Topics

Adrian’s presentations are all different, each one being specifically designed to meet your exact requirement’s.

Here are a selection of some of the more popular speech topics:

  • Embracing and Driving Change
  • Everyday People Being Extraordinary – Together Making A Difference
  • Inspirational Leadership – Getting The Very Best Out Of People
  • Exceptional Customer Service – Putting Customers At The Heart Of Everything We Do
  • Team Building – Pulling and Sharing Together As One Big Team
  • Individuals Taking Team Ownership
  • Self-Motivation/Self-Leadership and DIY Belief
  • Engaging With, Retaining and Inspiring People On Tight Budgets
  • Creating High Performance Environments
  • Thriving In Tough Times – Delivering Outstanding Results
  • Innovative Thinking
  • Challenging The Norm – Doing Things Differently
  • Growing Great People
  • Behavioural Change
  • Cultural Change
  • Winning The Sales Game
  • Maintaining An Edge Over The Competition
  • Communication – Effective SONAR Communicators
  • Relaxing For Success, Wellbeing and Boosting Brain Performance


New for 2018

Motivational speaker Adrian Webster

SONAR Leadership is an emotional thing

It’s about six behaviours:

  • Making time and space to listen and engage
  • Taking ownership
  • Showing you care
  • Being human
  • Being authentic
  • Openly and consistently challenging those around you

Keys to it working:

Being accountable

Embracing and driving change

Not being afraid to make mistakes

Being more passionate about others and what they are capable of achieving than they are themselves

At the heart of it:

Mindfulness: Emotional intelligence: Mental resilience: Transparent thinking

Bottom line: 

It’s all about how you make people feel

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